Understanding Religion

According to the Wikipedia religion refers to ‘A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence’.

concept of religion
concept of religion

There are many religion and people have faith in different kinds of gods and goddesses according to their comfort or from the past. Sacred scripture or inscription are the best way to know about any religion or their belief because these scriptures are known as ‘Words of God’ so people must have to obey these words or the message of god. There are many people of the different religion who are obeying the same message but some people do opposite of the same message of god. Some people believes in destiny and imaginations and some people believes in reality or in present. The above mentioned things are the stage of present human beings so lets discuss the concept of religion and understand what actually it is.
As i mention above that people are believing and worship of the different gods, but according to all sacred scriptures and inscriptions God is only one. This message is important for all Hindus that according to our ‘Upanishads’ that ‘God is only one without second’. God only have different name it doesn’t mean that god is different according to his name.
The another important message for the Hindus that according to our Vedas ( yajurveda chapter- 32 verse- 3 ) and Upanishads (Shewetashavatra Upanishads chapter-4 verse- 19) it is mentioned that ‘Na tasya pratima asti’ means that there is no idol, image and portrait of god and again according to shwetashvatra Upanishads chapter-4 verse -9 it is mentioned that of him there is neither parents nor lords. So we must have to follow all these messages that mention in all our sacred scripture and if we are going opposite of the message of god then, we are in the group of that people those who are spreading terrorism. so follow it in the right manner and spread the message of peace.
It is important to know about the past of your religion so let me inform all Hindus that our religion is not know as ‘Hindu’. Our religion is know as ‘Sanatana Dharma’ means people those who are following the Vedas. Even Swami Vivekananda said that those who are following Vedas are known Vedantist. Hindu word is introduced by an English man on 1830. He said that those people who are living beyond Indus valley are known as ‘Hindus’. It is only a geographically definition nothing else, we can not call it is as a proper religion.
So all people must have to look into this matter and watch carefully what they are doing according to the message of God. We going opposite to the message of God. Why we are doing idol worship? why we are believing in 33 core gods if god is only one? why we humans divided into so many religion? why we all have different concept of god?
The answer of all above mention question is that the message of god was changed by the human beings, now how the message were changes? Our Hindu religion scriptures and inscription is discovered almost 4000 year ago when the primitive society were not able to read and write, and on the basis of the limitation of inscription sometime some letters get faint or may be damage or missing. For filling or to complete that empty place on inscription or scripture human introduced there own philosophy and that is the main part that we all have different concept of god and divided into so many religion.
I just want to spread this message to all Hindus those who are in the fake or false believes about their religion and if you want to get more satisfied you must have to go through all the above mentioned books.
Hope someday we all would follow only one religion and have faith in only one god that is all i want to share in this part of the religion.

Understanding religion

4 thoughts on “Understanding Religion

  1. Salam. Hi, just went thru your writeup. There is something in your essay that is confusing me. There is already a religion in this world that exists for over 1400 yrs that was preached by a human named mohammad wot preached exactly the same attributes about creator like u did here ie., he is 1, no deity can b attributed 2 him, he has 99 qualitative beautiful names n u can not make statues of his names. R u aware that the name of that religion is Islam? N Mohammad (peace b upon him) is a prophet n messenger of creator Allah.
    I have seen in the comparative religion scholar Mr. Zakir naiks lecture mention of many quotes fmHindu holy books mentioning similar signs like u have mentioned n also providing proofs in the hindu scriptures of prophet mohammads forthcoming, wonder how did u miss that?


    1. Brother actually first i want let people know what is religion actually is. If i directly asked about the islam or said that islam is the only religion so people may think that I’m dicriminating with other religion. so this essay is all about information about religion. my second essay will be all about the message of islam


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