Does Ghost Exist?

knowledge of spirits

The spirits of the human beings or the soul of the human body became a ghost after death. But according to science this is nothing.
Science always need an evidence to prove this kind of things but yet they don’t get any evidence of the existence of spirits. Before understanding the concept of ghost or the spirits, first understand the concept of death and the life after death.
Death is same like the stage of sleep where our unconscious mind is take over our subconscious mind but the different is only that when we sleep our brain do some maintenance and in death there is only peace everywhere. According to science after death human body would decomposed in the earth and the energy which release from the human body would  absorb by the earth and its all over.
But when we understand the same concept in the religious term, it is mentioned in all our sacred scriptures and inscriptions as well that human soul will be transfer to the another body by the supreme power, but this thing is not yet prove by any evidence, might be hypnosis is the only way to reveal this secret (not sure). Religion believes that soul can never die. Soul always progress in this universe but people believes that there is only one plane where we live but they all are still unknown about another planes from where the real energy comes or from where our soul goes after life.
After read some session of Dr. Brian Weiss on the same topic, I came to the conclusion that there is only soul which can never die. Science discovered so many machines to captured ghost on them but still they only get negative waves on some places not ghost itself.

Because science is not yet reached to ghost so I think that there is two reason behind.
1-The machines they made are not working properly.
2-Ghost doesn’t exist.

Does ghost harm someone or not ?
People are still in illusion that ghost can harm someone easily. Ghost and soul are the same thing. It is already mentioned in stuff we have about soul that ‘soul is shapeless’ then how ghost can even touch someone or to throw some object on someone. This is only myth to create negativity in the environment and not to harm someone physically but mentally.
Just create positivity in this beautiful environment by your positive believes. Understand the concept of yourself and you will get the answers of every question which are still unknown. Just believe that you are immortal you will never fear by the name of death.
If you want to understand the concept of ghost or the spirits so find out the inner you because there are no ghost greater than human being.

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