It’s a story of guy who loved a girl like a hell. He was so desperate to make that girl his life partner. But that girl wasn’t even interested to talk with him. One day boy proposed the girl and girl replied very politely that ‘yes I like you too but I can’t come in relationships with you’.
Boy was quiet happy but also sad because one side she said yes I like you too and on the other side she broke his heart.
Then they both behave like a good friends. They talk with each other, they start sharing their emotions. Both of them now have a feelings of empathy.
After some years girl said yes I want to be your girlfriend. Boy was so happy. He celebrated that moment with full of happiness. But during the days of their friendship boy already met with an another girl, who is his best friend. They both even have the powerful bounding.
The day passes with their happy relationship but now the boy started giving more time to her best friend rather than to give more time to her love. His girlfriend felt that he’s now more interested in his best friend not in me. But the boy was helping his best friend for some personal matter of her relationships but his girlfriend had some misunderstanding about the same and she broke up all the relationship with him.
Boy seriously loved that girl but when he came to know that she’s committed with someone else and giving him some freaking reason of their break up, he felt very lonely. He went to his best friend but she is also not able to help him because she is still suffering from her relationship issues. Then at the end boy came to the conclusion that nothing is permanent in this world the only thing which is permanent in this world is ‘CHANGE‘.
so guys as this story reflects that nothing is permanent but only CHANGE is. same as like this concept, your sorrow is also temporary. Don’t think much about your past and future because you are wasting the precious time of your present. Love is that blessings of God which we have to spread more and more then only we can understand the true meaning of love because not only one, this whole universe needs your love.

Spread love and be happy.
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