One right direction is better than having many wrong directions.

I would like to inform you the hidden ghost of human mind which is one of the causes or responsible for the appearance of negativity in your life and the name of this ghost is “Over thinking.”
This is that situation of your mind when you are able to think about so many things at a same point of time. What a talent! Feeling Lucky! However, dear friends this talent will always make you feel insecure to do things in your life.
Thinking is something that we do all the time consciously and subconsciously and it help us to always connect with the world and make a strong connection within us. If talk about over thinking then this is one of the causes that we lose touch with reality because we keep on thinking about something and even forget that where we are. Even there will be a time when you do not know who are you and this just because of Over thinking.
You think worst instead of the better because over thinking create negative thoughts in your mind and you start thinking nasty about yourself. Thinking about the worst things will lead you to the unnecessarily worries and does not let you relax at all. Happiness will go far away from you because you would attach with sorrow and negativity. Then one day when you would start believing that the  things like happiness doesn’t exist in this world and you will start hiding from situation instead of facing your fear because everything seems more difficult as it actually is and this just because of the ghost sitting on your mind. Therefore, this is one of the reasons, which lead you to negative world and take you away from the real world that is you.

Instead of over thinking

A. To overcome over thinking you must have to make short-term goals to achieve them.

B. If you have decided to do something then without having a second thought in your mind, just to it.

C. Instead of sitting free, utilize your time and always keep yourself busy in some necessary work.

D. Do not procrastinate. For example if you decided to go on jogging and all of a sudden you have a thought to procrastinate it then at least put your feet inside your shoes and come out from your home. Most of the work has been completed once if they were started.

E. Your Purpose should be stronger than anything should.

– Prashant Panwar
  Author of ‘From the Beginning to The End’

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