Before confusion broke us, its better to have focus.

There are so many interesting things about you but might be you are still unaware about that, just because that you are living your life so simply and you might deserve more than you expect from you. Sometimes we spend our entire life without even knowing our biggest power which could help us to climb up the mountain of success, so we can feel the real face of life, so it is better to ‘Focus’ on your ability or in other terms we can say introspection is necessary to know the great power we have to achieve something big in our life. Without having self knowledge you might enjoy your life but you won’t live your real passion for what you are made for. We only need to focus that where we have to go rather than to look at the weakest side we have. If you really want to become a wonderful person then it’s compulsory that you are stick to your passion and love whatever you are doing in every step of your life.

– Prashant Panwar (Author of From the beginning to the end. )

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