WOW! Whenever we heard about this day only one thing click in our minds and that is love. This day is celebrating since from many centuries.  This is a day when lovers express their love to each other and spend the entire day together.  Today, we can found couples everywhere with the warm smile of love, which really seems beautiful.

However, dear friends if we are celebrating something very interestingly so it is quiet necessary to know something about that day we are celebrating.

In 15th century pope, Julius declared February 14 as Valentine ’s Day.  There was a saint named valentine who was a roman priest live during third century AD under the emperor Claudius II. This very ambitious emperor’s battle needed vast number of men to abandoned their young families for long periods, resulting in a military that was home sick so the Claudius banned marriages all together. In spite of this rule father valentine continues to performing marriage of lovers secretly because he felt unjust but he caught by the emperor and face death eventually.  It is believe that the young couple he secretly wed was visit to him for passing him flower and notes. There is another interesting fact that, Father Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, on February 14th the day he was executed, it is said that he passed a young girl a note it was signed ‘from your valentine’. The tradition was born.

In modern times people do not focus on this side of Valentine’s Day but this is the basic reality that one saint was beheaded for the fight of love. This is such a beautiful day to celebrate with your lover, but do not forget to say thanks to that saint who gave his life so today at least you have one day to express your feeling to whom you love the most.

Love is that what we need all the time to have better relationship with everyone. Always stay blessed with your love ones. If some misunderstanding disturbs your relationship then forget all the negative side and give a new start to your relationship.

World is nothing without Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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From the beginning to the end.

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