Positive thoughts may help you to modify your life style so you can survive better than before. Positivity helps you to destroy your negative thoughts. It is make your mind peace and helps you to think rationally. Negativity is that enemy of human mind, which destroyed them emotionally as well as physically. Whenever negativity appeared in human mind than the majority of the people say that I am nothing, it is none of my business and so on. However, of course this not the right way to think about yourself. When you feel about yourself that, you are somebody than only you would know by everybody.

Nevertheless, before you read about the real concept of positivity, first understand the appearance of Negativity in human mind, which affect your life very much in the worst manner and find out the solutions as well.

Number one cause of Chronic Depression

One day I was going through the blog of Nancie Ellis, She is a professional Life coach for over 17 years. When I was reading her research, I got to know that Negativity is number one cause of chronic depression because it is damage the condition of human mind.  Person who thinks negative have lots of trouble in his/her life and depression is one of the major causes of negativity. By having negative thoughts in your mind its mean that you are also not able to take your decisions and at the end when you would not able, to tolerate this you might commit suicide. Negativity destroyed an individual world, all their hopes, expectations will end in smoke and everything will get over.
When you are in depression because of negativity, you will start thinking pathetic about yourself that creates your negative self-image in your eyes and having positive self-Image is one of the biggest reasons for getting success in life. Therefore, you might also lose this. 
Most of the people around the world thinks that ‘ why everything going worst in our life? ‘.  This is happening because your thoughts are the reflection of your life. The more you think negative the crush experience you will get in your life.
Whatever we are thinking in our mind and everything will work according to my thoughts is not positive thinking. Positive thinking is also not about that if I am thinking that, nothing bad could be happen in my future, everything will be all right in my future. These thoughts are only like unrealistic visual thinking. This is just like your wish or dream but remember one thing, that it is either your wish or dream it will not accomplished until you work upon it. Just having positive thoughts for you and doing nothing for that to achieve it is a biggest illusion in my opinion. There are two type of person around the world if I talk about positive thinking. On side, there is a person who is only living his life as a dreamer and spoil his entire life as a dreamer and achieved nothing, On the other hand there is a person who is also a dreamer but a realistic one, person who have dream and do work hard to achieve it. 
Positive thinking is not about to be positive all the time and ignoring what is wrong and unpleasant happening around you. Positive thinking neither tells us to put our hands on your eyes at time of tough situations nor tell us to escape from the failure.
Positivity teaches us a lesson of tolerance. You must agree with this statement that this world not made for any single individual. Everyone around this world have some problem in their life but it doesn’t mean that every single person around the world is in huge negativity this is because people those who know the fact that situations may not always appear fair and this is for everyone. However, it is all up to us that how we are reacting or doing work according to the situations. 
The capability of enjoying success is as important as achieving it.
Positive thinking is about to fulfill your wishes and your need but without creating any problem and interference in others life.
Does not be a slave of your thoughts; manage it according to the situation that is what we called positive thinking. 
Always keep in your mind that there is no power bigger than positivity.

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