Examination Pressure

The more you think negative the worst you will experience in your exams.

Examination is that stage where most of us  feel that we are the most depressed person. Nevertheless, it’s not true because sometimes, thinking more about your future makes us quiet more worried so that’s why all these thoughts appears in our mind.
Either you are teen or adult you must understand that examinations will not decide your  real destination of life. For become a successful person you have to be confident enough to recognize your abiltiy to achieve something in  life.
Stop drowing in the sea of future because, once I wrote in one of my articles that, whenever you are going forward and looking backward you might not capable to watch out the obstacles coming in your way, similarly if you are thinking about your future and about your past as well you might be losing some precious time of studying to make yourself more productive in examinations. In that case of over thinking people sometimes take wrong decisions of thier life and spend their entire life with disappointment.
It’s better to have complete focus in our present by enjoying what we have to study about, and just covert this boring journey of examination into happy journey of learning.


1. Have focus by living your present

2. Do not compare yourself to others because you too have some special abilities, just recognise them by giving more efforts.

3. Take rest and relax your mind so you can think more and can also focus.

4. Stay positive and believe in yourself.

5. Just do it.

Good luck!

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