This is a paragraph of a forthcoming book World Beyond Imagination. This is what Prashant (Author) wrote in this book to get success in life.

Live Your Present and Change the Future.

We are running here and there for this word ‘Success’ but very few of us get it. Success means nothing to me if I am not enjoying it. Living your life in your own way is the real meaning of success. 

What if I say success always comes by enjoying the journey you are traveling to reach somewhere where you always wanted to be?

Yes! This is true, by enjoying what you have in your present and making precise plans for future is the right way to get success. Because when we keep thinking about our future and always worried for the next moment then life is harder than before. Therefore, it is better to have complete focus on present and have full faith on you to achieve something big.

When I was writing my first book, I was also worried about the promotion and the feedbacks that I will get from the people. Then one day I realize, over thinking will lead you towards negativity and negativity will destroy your entire career and plans which have yet to be implement. We human always carry bunch of thoughts in our mind and most of them are negative because of our crush experiences of failures.  In addition, just because of these failures most of the people choose the option of ‘Quit’, which shows lack of desire in people.

When we have this burning desire within us then no power in this entire world will stop us to reach our destination. Sometimes, situations are not always come out fair, so we must have to prepare for every situation by having positive attitude in our life.  Desire always comes by faith.

If you are one of them, who are lacking the desire to get success in life then you need to follow some basic rules of success – 

– Never quit unless you get success.

– Try to learn from failure.

– Have welcome attitude for any situation.

– Have inspiration.

– Watch your competition but do not compare.

– Reward yourself for short achievements.

– Momentum – Always keep moving on the track of success.

You are already successful !

Read more here World Beyond Imagination

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