How to know yourself?

Finding out yourself is one of the most important researches for human being because all the secrets of success and happiness are there inside you.

Life is too short to enjoy, don’t waste it just by spending it.

Knowing yourself is not about your favourite color, your favourite subject in school.

It is about understanding yourself in deeper level. Be willing to know about yourself. Understand the process of your thoughts and perceptions because as I mentioned in my previous articles that our thoughts are deeply responsible for every situations.
Just understand how you learn or perceive things and relationships you have. Have knowledge of your experiences and try to implement that knowledge in your life. 

When you start this process, gradually you will understand that in what way you are living your life.
Understanding yourself is about respecting your values, belief, personality, moods, habits and relationships as well.

Ask one thing to yourself that how people perceive you. Do they perceive you in the similar way that who you are actually. If not then start working upon your personality so the people around you will recognise the real you. 

Finding yourself is about to find out the unique quality you are possess with. So many people are still confused that in which direction we have to go and doing many things at particular point of time, which eventually leads to over thinking and over thinking leads to chronic depression. Therefore, we just need to find out that one unique quality that we all are possessed with, whether you could make it your passion, hobby, interest, or profession.

Just make a list of things you enjoy the most. Again, it is not about sleeping, eating and hangouts. It is about understanding yourself in deeper level. Every person has that one unique quality which differentiates him/her from others. It is might be singing, writing, or playing football or anything that you could do with your full of enthusiasm and interest. Once I went to my cousin’s home for one night stay. That morning I woke up early and I felt warm positivity within me, all of sudden my cousin woke up and he said “ohh.. sh*t, again office.”  He said those lines because he wasn’t enjoying his real life, he was just like a slave of time and situations. I felt positive because I always do what I love.

If you are also curious to know about your qualities then give more time to yourself and have full faith on you. Expand your imaginative world where you are living your passion and connect it form the reality by giving your 200% efforts.
In my opinion if I am living my passion and indulge in the same profession which I always wanted to be. If people are perceiving me in the same way that who am I then I think that I am living the happier life. However, for that first, I must have to find out my purpose.

Life is too short to enjoy, don’t waste it just by spending it.
Prashant Panwar

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