Relationship with God

The most pure relationship in the world and that is a relation with god. Actually, many people around the world are atheist (non-believer of deities) because of their skeptical behavior.


If this relationship is completely pure then there is no doubt that you are a positive thinker because having such kind of spiritual knowledge will surely going to lead you at better stage of positivity. However, always remember one thing that there is a big difference between mythologies and reality. So, always be in touch with reality because sometimes these mythologies will takes a person to that level of negativity from where he cannot even believes in his own self- image.
If you really want to feel this pure relation with god then, first of all try to feel yourself everywhere to understand the real presence of super conscious around you. The super conscious mind always connected to your subconscious mind that is why the law of attraction is working in this universe.
I just want to share one thing written in “The 12 Universal Law of Success” that; Love and value must be internalized first, before they can be externalized to another person. We cannot give or share that which we do not first possess ourselves. Similarly, try to understand yourself first then only you could connect yourself to that supreme power, which is always there for you.
It is all up to us either we make our relationship healthy with better understanding we all possessed with or destroyed it by having negative thoughts and poor self-image just because of some stupid perceptions.

Stay happy and stay positive!

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