There is a time in everybody’s life when you feel very low because that time you are lacking your confidence because of thousands of reason, you can understand the reasons well. Life is a challenge itself, which we cannot clear until to the end of our life. Because challenges never stop that is why we need to accept this complicated face of life. If we do not accept then this life will hit us back hardly so we cannot even bear things and relationships.


   Beware, might be there will be a situation when you are going very well and all of sudden life pulls you down once again to rise you again with more complications and learning. Most of us wants to quit at this stage because from this is what we inherited with. Even I’m writing this article at crush stage of my life. 

Do you think that this quotation is true?

   I think it is not. We people just change the meaning failure and make it as our last resort. Nevertheless, the truth is opposite. Failure is not our last resort; this is that stage of our life ‘from where the journey of victory begins’.  Still confused?

   Okay! For instance – People who never tasted sour cannot understand the real taste of sweetness.

   GOT IT! Sometimes failure is important to realize the real meaning of success. Instead of getting disappointed, just believe that henceforth you will get the success. The only way to understand failure is to learn a lesson from it so you cannot repeat it again in your life.


   Yes! Nobody is responsible for you failure. This is one of the easiest ways to escape from reality. Situations not always appear fair. Just understand this statement by understanding your type –

   We blame others for not getting success in life because we do not get the right environment. Like if I want to become a psychologist and my parents wants me to become an IAS officer, then what should I do? Should I drop the idea to become a psychologist and do what my parents love and spend my entire life with a hope to follow my own obsession?

   There are three types of person living in this universe in term of environment –

1- Those who leave the environment and blame others for their success (spectators)

2- Those who accept the changes of the environment and live their life accordingly (Non believers)

3- Those who change the environment with their mentality (THE WINNERS)


   Success means nothing to me, if it isn’t hard to get. Not now! When you have power to enjoy your failure you will understand this statement. 

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