Why does being around people make me depressed more? 

I got this question by someone in quora.com

A short opinion on this topic that why people feel depressed in public and what are the causes and factor responsible for this. Let’s take a look :  

​Social interaction is one of the factors which effects our behaviour. People those who are introvert are facing this problem of getting depressed in public because whether they are afraid of being shamed or had any traumatic event or they are living in their own created universe.

According to evolutionary psychology, it focuses on genetic factors as well as environmental factors contributing to human development. Those who are genetically strong will develop into a stronger human as compared to those who have inherited weak genes. Also the inherited factors would work well only if there is a conducive environment hence the possibility of the good gene individual not making up to the high level is present if the environment is not conducive. Darwin’s theory of evolution involves the study of the genes and environmental mechanism that underlie the universal development of social and cognitive competencies

If you have this problem of getting depressed  in public then don’t worry you are not the only one facing this. There are many reasons behind this but the there is a easiest way to overcome by changing your environment according to your comfort. Gradually, come up with more metal peace and try to interact with others. And if you think that the problem is more complex then take an appointment with a physician. 

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