A story and explanation of Perception

​Part I

 Hello friends! It has been a long to write anything about human mind. So today, I have decided to share a wonderful experience of mine with a meaningful explanation.

In this article you will going to take a look of some definitions of perception and a real experience of mine that will surely going to change your perception towards human beings. At the end of the article,you will understand that we cannot tell everything about a person by just watching his/her profession. 

What is your perception towards perception? 

Haha! You must be feeling that whatever we perceive from the outer world is our perception but actually it is not that much easy to explain perception. An explanation of perception is an interesting process to talk about, let us start the journey and takes a look of a real story of perception towards this magical world. 

Definition of perception –

An active process in which we select, organize and interpret sensory inputs to achieve a grasp of our surrounding is known as perception. 

This definition seems so professional, isn’t it? 

Let me make it more clear to you! 

Perception is the process through which we interpret and organize the received information so as to produce conscious experience of object and their relationship. 

– Perception is the meaning added onto our sensations. 

We have different perception towards this beautiful world. Ahh ha! Might be this world is worst for someone. Again it is all about your perception that how you see the world. 

Our different experiences and learning are responsible for our different perception. Suppose, someone is going to ride a bicycle for the first time in his life and while riding that bicycle he got injured by a car. 

What do you think about his perception towards riding bicycle? Is he going to ride it again or not? 

Ask the same question to someone who loves to ride all around. You will get a completely flip answer. Therefore, whatever we are looking around us is not ultimate, might be the exact same thing is completely different someone else.

I have my own personal experience to share with you. This experience is about perception and a great message to an Indian society. 

Yesterday I was going to my college by an auto rickshaw and I was talking to the driver. He was bald and a healthy old man around his sixties. We were talking about the Indian government and about the roadways system of India. He was not that much satisfied by our government. Of course, when you expect something from the nation and you are not getting return of that, you will surely get disappointed from that. (Whatever we expect from something or somebody it doesn’t mean you will get the same thing in return. Therefore, no need to get disappointed from that just make yourself clam and happy by what you have in your life.)

 He was also happy in his life and we talked afterwards. When we covered half of our journey, I was thinking he is just a normal driver like others. We know well about drivers of auto rickshaw and their behaviors as well. (Don’t judge a person by his/her profession

Now, the climax time 😉

“Son, what do you do? “ He asked me. 

“Uncle, I am a student of psychology and an author of a book.” I replied. 

He showed his normal expressions on that. 

“Uncle tell me more about you.” I asked. He did not listen. 

“What do you write? Shayari or poetry” He asked.

“I write stories and articles on facts.” I replied. 

After a while, he started presenting shayari back to back with a deep meaning. I was really astonished and motivated after listening to his wonderful shayari. 

I was very much impressed by his meaningful words. 

After that, he started talking about his personal life. I was listening to him very carefully and waiting for something interesting because the way he was speaking I was sure that he has interested experiences of life to talk about. 

“Son, your age is very crucial to stand up to have perfect knowledge, interaction and for the good education as well.” He started speaking again. “I have seen so many brilliant students in my life and even the students who wasted their entire life by just having fun all the time. So, it is necessary to understand these things you are doing in your life. I am not telling you to stop hanging out with friends; of course, fun is also a part of life. But it is not a life itself.” 

I know one thing that he had experienced everything in his life and that is why he was talking so confidently. 

There was a flow of silence for a while because that time I was interpreting what he just said.

“I have two sons.” He said. 

“ohh.. that’s nice.” I replied with a smile. 

“My first son is a singer and he always got an offer from different places to sing. Even once in a job interview he got selected by his singing talent only” he said these lines with a broad smile over his face. 

“Wow that’s really wonderful” I replied with shock. 

“My second son is an actor, these days he is shooting with Salam Khan for his forthcoming movie. He is playing a role of bodyguard with him. You will watch a person in a movie wearing black dress all the time. He is my son” 

“What the f**k? Did you just said Salam Khan?” I asked with the horrible expression on my face. 

“Yes my dear.” He replied with an attitude. 

The moment he talked about his son I did not believe that I roam around in auto rickshaws and I did never have a chance to have conversation with these wonderful drivers but today when I got, I experienced this! 

Moreover, when we pulled up to a red light, he sang a song with perfect voice rhythm. After he finished I had no words to express my feelings. His voice was his biggest talent I realize it that time. 

“Why are you still driving this rickshaw if you have so much in your life?” I politely asked him. 

“Now you asked me a good question son, I am driving this because this rickshaw gave me everything in my life. No matter how great I am going to be in my life I will never forget the days of my struggle. Because the moment you forget these struggling part of your life you will easily lose your real self-image.” 

“Well said uncle,” I agreed

“Here we go son, we reached to our destination.” He informed me.

Mr. Sachdeva

“Thank you so much uncle! It was pleasure to talk with you.” I thank him with smile, gave his rent, and entered into my college. 

Friends we all have different perception towards this world and I believe after reading this real experience you must understand that whatever we see is not ultimate. I never met a person like this. Even we have these types of people in our country and we are still finding out the talent all over the world. Why won’t we find out talent by talking with each other and change our perception towards a real human being.

 Perception plays vital role in human life. Before you judge someone or something, first make sure that you have complete information about that person or a thing. 

If you really want to change your perception, then starts living in present and always learn from your past. 

Perception is not what you see; it is what you understand after see. 

Written by – Prashant Panwar (Author)

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