How you can be lazy and successful at the same time? 

Somebody ask this question to me on : 

It is a good question I always wanted to answer.

A short answer :-

I just want to share my own experience with you, I also used to be a lazy person when I was in my school life. However, I always had a desire to become a very successful person in my life but this laziness always held me back to work upon my dreams. Just because of this trait I became a daydreamer and used to believe that someday everything in my surroundings will work according to me. But nothing happend.

One day I realised that apart of everything I have a quality of writing things. I realised that because my laziness allowed me to think so.

One negative thought in your mind might push you to find out that one positive thought you have, to kick out that one negative thought.

I started writing more about human mind, life and my personal experiences and published them in my blog. After finding out this quality I have, my laziness made me an author of a book and changed my perception towards laziness.

Yes laziness and success can be together only if your purpose is stronger than anything else. Just do not get disappointed because the person who tasted bitter could easily explain the real beauty of sweetness.

Thank you… 

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