What is the extraordinary results you got from doing Self-talk and other techniques? 

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Extraordinary results of doing self-talk..

I love to give answers of such questions because this make me feel special. Just want to cover this question in a short answer :

Self-talk is one of the best ways to reveal the real potential you are carrying within you. People those who are really busy in their work and do not have much time for themselves and are like slaves of time and situations because they take their decision according to their societies and cultures they belongs to. Through self-talk andintrospection ( A looking inward; specifically, the act or process ofself-examination, or inspection of one’s own thoughts and feelings; the cognition which the mind has of its own acts and states; self-consciousnessreflection.) One can easily become extraordinary because after doing all these things, you have control over yourselves and you are able to handle any sought of problems in your life. People who know about their behaviour are really flexible for any situation.

Self-talk can also enhance your emotional intelligence and you can create a balance between your analytical thinking and emotions. A person can think rationally.

There are so many persons around the world who are looking for seeking advise of others rather than to look inside for the solutions. Therefore, if you talk to yourself you don’t need anyone to solve your personal issues. Even you can deal with others with their personal issues.

Self-talk is like a meditation to clam yourself and to be in your higher consciousness ((cognitive theory) a supposed mode of cognition beyond human self-awareness.) After this your past and future won’t bother you because you will learn to live in the present moment and that is what we call the real life to live.

I always do Self-talk and introspection to be aware about myself and about environment as well.

Our mind is a mysterious part of our life and self-talk and introspection are one of the ways to find it out in a right manner. So, always believe in yourself and have faith what you have.

You are wonderful, find out your real self and be the master of your life.

Thank you

Prashant Panwar ( click here to read more)

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