World Beyond Imagination; Story of an Interpretation. 

Do you want to know the difference between realistic and unrealistic vision? Do you know the difference between reality and illusion? Are you also living a life influenced by the external world? If you are searching for the difference between imagination and reality, then you are holding the right book. 

World Beyond Imagination is a true a story of a girl named Stella, who was confused by her imagination and inner voice but eventually made a connection between her imagination and her reality. This journey of understanding the human mind and the connections within us has completely changed the author’s life. The name of the book itself carries a secret that reveals itself at the beautiful end of the journey. This is a beautiful story of a relationship that the author has with this mysterious girl.

Read to find out how the author interpreted Stella’s unusual experiences that sometimes bothered her, how they both understand the concept of the real self and the secret of the world beyond imagination. 

For more information click the link below :

World Beyond Imagination

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