World Beyond Imagination

Your desire can change your world. Just stick to your decisions and make your life more beautiful to live. We are here to live our life and not spend it. This life is too short to live and enjoy but we still get stuck in small issues and spend our entire life with soreness. Again, life is all about your choices โ€“ whether you want to live your life happily by going beyond your limitation or living your life just like a common person, who always blames others for not succeeding in his/her life.

The difference of perception between us is the one of greatest reasons for right and wrong. Some people will judge you by their perspective and some will adequately explain and predict your actions, and that is why they are more likely to see the entire world as coherent and controllable. No one can understand us completely because we never reveal everything in front of anyone; we all have something that we just want to keep to ourselves and it is not for the external world.

Keep your life, your opinion, and your experience to yourself if you are not wise enough to understand that those things are not ultimate. Moreover, if you want to share these things with anyone then be a rational thinker first.

It is necessary to go beyond your comfort zone because once, I read somewhere that the comfort zone is a good place to live in but it is that barren land where you cannot grow anything. Initially, we do not know about our intensions or what we are doing in our lives but gradually we understand to come out of our comfort zone and decide to do something out of the box.

Love is everywhere in this universe, you just need to feel your presence. Donโ€™t try to discover love because you are already in the aura of love, just understand yourself and you will find yourself everywhere.

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